Resources: GM Aides

In your dungeon, each card will represent a room or corridor. Arrange them as you see fit.
A Glossary of Common Tabletop Acronyms, Abbreviations & Terms
A brainstorming tool for the role-playing game Apocalypse World; intended for the use of MCs, it generates brief concepts and apocalypse-barf names for NPC gangs and other communities, as well as names and simple hooks for NPCs.
This tool generates the world known by the PCs and the history they have heard of. You can always introduce small bits of information that may make the players see things under a different light or even reveal a shocking hidden truth about it all.
RPG Tools and Random Generators
Essays, games, supplements and original larps by Quinn Murphy, Rich Rogers, Arlene Medder, Brendan Conway, Meguey Baker, Mark Diaz Truman, John Wick, Shoshana Kessock and Jenn Martin.
Instant Game is a tool for creating and playing new RPG settings and plots on the spot.
A set of expansion rules for any game, GM'd or solo, designed to produce a solvable mystery.
Huge list of Random Generators & Random Tables for your Random Pleasure.
For use with any traditional fantasy role-playing game.
RANDOM.ORG offers <em>true</em> random numbers to anyone on the Internet. Numbers, strings, lists, maps, music, and more!
Names, treasure, encounters, NPCs... Here you'll find a number of random generators that you can use as inspiration for your campaign or fiction!
This aid by Paulo Rivas López is meant to help the players and the Narrator to build the setting of the game together as well as getting to the same page in respect to some of each others expectations. It includes a new trick too: to handle Fronts (that stands for all kind of plot-relevant organizations such as a guild of thieves, a kingdom, a company, a ship, etc), you just roll 6d6 and list those numbers as the Front stats, or place the dice over the hexagons in any order you want.
Random Generators of ideas, from story concepts to science fiction weapons to silly spells. Wide variety of genres.
Designed for use with "Stars Without Number" by Sine Nomine Publishing, this generator creates a sector and populates it with worlds, NPCs, corps, politics, religions and aliens.
A deceptively simple and pleasant-looking method for determining randomly-generated terrain.
Every game on this list has some form of open license which allows you to use its rules in your own products without obtaining permission first or paying some kind of license fee. Please consult the licence documentation with the game itself before releasing a product based on it, and do not take anything we say here as professional legal advice.
Compiled by the members of, this classic resource breaks names down into over a hundred categories and genres, with lists ranging from fantastical and historical names to contemporary and humorous ones.
A cleaned-up PDF version of the Threat Map for use with AW2e, by James Steinberg.


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