Golden Age

A fantasy roleplaying game set in the original world of the Golden Age audio drama, produced by Cascade Studios and using the Cascade Studios Role Playing System.


Golden Age uses D10, a ten sided form of dice that is commonly available in most shops and easily found online. Dice are rolled whenever a problem faces the player character and add an element of chance that keeps the game
interesting. Even the most experienced player can fail if he rolls badly.

Harder feats require more specific numbers to be rolled to achieve them, reflecting the odds of something failing. The more points in a Trait the more dice a player gets to roll when attempting to do something, giving him more chances to get the desired result. This collection of dice is called a ‘Dice Pool’. In order to make it easier the following guideline can be applied to rolls to indicate their difficulty.

EASY - The player must roll at least one 3+ to succeed.
MODERATE - The player must roll at least one 5+ to succeed.
DIFFICULT - The player must roll at least one 7+ to succeed.
HARD - The player must roll at least one 9+ to succeed.

In the event of a player rolling a 10 they automatically succeed at whatever it is they are trying to do, however if they roll a 1 they have automatically failed.

Ben Warren
Game Type: 
Roleplaying Game
4 - Moderately Crunchy

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